Rede von Andrew Boothroyd am Partnerschaftsabend der Fahrt 2016

I would like to welcome the Sheriff, Mr Jonathan Taylor and the Sheriff's Lady, Mrs Brenda Taylor. Also a warm welcome to our friends from Münster to this splendid venue. You may not know that Jenny as well as being the Chair of the York Münster Association has also been a key fundraiser for this splendid new church hall.

I also welcome the Ings Singers, the choir from the village of East Cottingwith, to which Yvie and I belong and which will be singing for us later on this evening.

I'd like to make a few thank yous in advance. First of all, thank you to Jenny and Roy for
cooking for us tonight. Thanks to Cath and Alan and the helpers who set up the hall for
tonight. Thanks to Marianne and Bernhard for organising your trip to York and to Klaus and his wife for getting you here and driving you around safely.

Sadly the week in York is nearing its end. But we shall have many happy memories to look
back on. The week began with the Civic Reception in the splendid Barley Hall and the welcome from the Lord Mayor, Dave Taylor and the Lady Mayoress, Susan Ridley. I learnt today that the Lord Mayor, as well as being the first member of the Green Party to hold this position , is
also probably the first to have played bass in a rock band which had their records played on
the John Peel Show on BBC Radio 1.Andrew Boothroyd hält seine Rede vor den Gästen des Partnerschaftsabends

Our friends from Münster have also enjoyed the many delights that God's own county of
Yorkshire has to offer. Thank you for the opportunity to join you on your visits. Yvie and I
enjoyed our day in Ripon visiting the Workhouse Museum and Newby Hall. It was a poignant
reminder of the massive gulf between the the privileged and the poor in 19th century Britain which remains such a problem to this day.

We know that you have been following the drama of our evolving political scene; a new Prime Minister and government following Britain's vote for Brexit, which I am pleased to say, York
did not support.

Next year we look forward to the 70th Anniversary of the twinning of York and Münster and I know plans are being made to mark this anniversary.

The twinning was begun to bring together the people of different European cities which had
been at war. Thankfully although Europe faces many challenges we are now in a much better

The next time you visit, who knows where Britain will be along the path to leaving the EU. One thing is certain though, the members of our two twinning associations will be meeting,
making friends and creating chances to understand each other by experiencing life in our two great cities

Now I expect you are hungry so enjoy your meal and have an enjoyable evening.

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